I don’t know if it’s funny or sad, but it always seems like no matter what the UFC’s competitors do, for better or worse, the UFC still gets all the attention. For example, Herschel Walker appeared on ESPN’s First Take this morning to talk about his entrance into MMA and instead of talking about fighting in Strikeforce, he spent most of the time talking about the UFC and Dana White.

““Who ever made [Dana White] the guy to measure athletic talent? I don’t think he knows anything about athletic talent. He knows about fighters, which is different, but I will say this, he’s running a show right now with heavyweights and I’ll put dimes to donuts all the heavyweights on the [TUF] show right now I will beat. And that’s pretty easy to say. Dana always tells people to put their money where your mouth is. And I’ll tell Dana that since he says I’m so old, why doesn’t step in the ring with me because he’s been practicing (MMA), as well?”

Honestly, after watching that interview, if I was just a casual sports fan tuning into ESPN, I would have thought Walker was fighting in the UFC. The little guys just can’t catch a break.