Alabama Pride PosterSome shameless promoters in this industry will do just about anything to persuade fans to come out and watch their shows.

Just in the past year, we’ve seen DREAM book Jose Canseco in their Super Hulk Tournament, Adrenaline pit Tim Sylvia against 48-year-old Ray Mercer and Wargods put Ken Shamrock in a cage with a 350+ lbs. Ross Clifton. They’re not the first and they certainly won’t be the last.

Case in point, how does Tank Abbott vs. Butterbean sound? Pretty bad, huh? Well not to Thunder Promotions. They’re bringing that fight to Alabama, land of no athletic commissions, to headline an event they’re calling “Alabama Pride.”

That’s not even the best part. Thunder is also promoting a fight between Eric Martinez (no idea who he is) and DMX, that rapper who was cool back when I was in high school. Cagewriter gives us an update on what the raspy voice rapper has been up to since then.

DMX, the rapper who once was a part of Ruff Ryders, has become better known for his run-ins with the law than his musical talents. Cocaine and marijuana possession, theft, animal cruelty, criminal weapon possession, DUI, parole violations and giving a false name and social security number at a hospital are all part of his past.

In a recent interview, DMX said that he is working on two albums now because “the streets need him.”  He didn’t mention any training for MMA, but hey, who needs to train for a fight?

Sweet, drugs, criminal weapon possession, parole violations. What kind of gangsta rapper would you be without a few of those charges on your record?

Probably not a very good one, just like he probably won’t be anything that resembles a fighter without at least a little training. Not that it will really matter though since I just figured out his opponent Eric Martinez isn’t a trained fighter either. He’s an artist/entrepreneur/actor/model.

You know come to think of it, maybe the people running Thunder Promotions are smarter than I give them credit for. After the DMX fight, Tank and Butterbean will look like a couple of overweight Anderson Silva’s.

Update: So guess who was supposed to be DMX’s original opponent? Busta Rhymes! Apparently, there were scheduling conflicts and Busta couldn’t make it, so they offered it to Eric Martinez as he explains in this interview with Fanhouse. Martinez also clarified that this is a celebrity boxing match, not a MMA fight, so it’s not quite as ridiculous as we thought it was yesterday. Way to mislead everyone with that poster TP.

Ray Hui: First of all, how did this all come about?
Eric Martinez: (Laughs.) Well, the promoters reached out and wanted to see if they can set up a celebrity fight between myself and DMX. It was just real simple. I heard that Busta Rhymes was actually the original opponent they were trying to get for DMX but I guess because of scheduling conflicts he couldn’t make it. My manager talked to them and told them a little about what I did and they thought it would be a great fit basically they asked X and he agreed, I agreed, and there you have it.

This is not going to be a glorified sparring match. You guys are going to look to knock each other out.
Right, it’s for real. This is one thing I want people to understand, I’m a huge fan of the MMA world, I’m a huge fan of the sport, I’m a huge fan of the fighters. I have nothing but respect for the MMA world – actually all fighters: boxers, MMA fighters. And we’re not trying to make a mockery of the sport. We’re not trying to be the second coming of Floyd Mayweather and Oscar De La Hoya. We’re just two guys who were offered the chance to fight and we’re going to get it on and may the best man win. But at the end of the day we’re not going to be doing MMA, we’re going to be boxing. That’s been the biggest thing a lot of people think we’re going to be fighting MMA style. This isn’t going to be a career for me. (Laughs.) There’s real warriors out there that train and fight and I want people to know more than anything that I have nothing but the greatest respect for the sport and the fighters.