Even if you live under a rock in a deep dark cave, you know Kimbo Slice throws down with Roy Nelson on tonight’s episode of TUF 10. What you may not know is why Rashad Evans picked the fight in the first place.

“People ask me, why did I pick Kimbo. I wasn’t really picking Kimbo. ‘He’s the star of the show, maybe you shouldn’t have picked Kimbo.’ I didn’t even think about it like that,” said the former UFC light heavyweight titleholder. “I was just like, you know what? Rampage picked my number one guy. I’m going to pick his number one guy.”

“I think the decision to put Roy in there with Kimbo instead of anybody else was, everybody wanted to fight Kimbo, but I think they would have got caught up in the mystique of Kimbo. I was like Roy is probably the only one here with enough big fight experience to fight a guy like Kimbo and not get in their head about I’m fighting Kimbo Slice,” said Evans.

“I thought Roy was the best guy for the job because Roy brings that big fight experience, and Roy, he’s great at everything Kimbo’s not good at. I thought that was the most important thing in our decision.”

The episode airs tonight at 10PM on Spike TV.