Paul Daley

It seems like everyone is calling out Matt Hughes these days.

The big three welterweights at AKA —Mike Swick, Josh Koscheck and Jon Fitch — keep calling Hughes out because they know he won’t fight them, and now Paul Daley is jumping on the bandwagon.

“I want to fight Hughes, firstly because he’s a legend and second he’s former welterweight champion. He has a win over the current welterweight champion, and he has all the skills to exploit my weaknesses that the media and my ‘fans’ so often talk about,” Daley told Fighters Only today.

“I want Hughes, I don’t see why he wouldn’t want to fight me, unless he thinks he’s gonna lose,” Daley added. To him the fight is a no-brainer for Hughes. “He needs wins, I’m the young gun, he’s the favourite.”

It’s actually not a bad idea on Daley’s part. He already started out in the UFC with a bang when he took out Martin Kampmann at UFC 103. He could certainly use a big victory over someone with name value to get his name firmly entrenched in fans’ minds. And who has a better risk/reward ratio than Hughes? All Daley has to do is stay upright long enough to catch Hughes with a few of his bombs.

Just don’t expect a big UK welterweight showdown between Daley and Dan Hardy…ever. Since they’re teammates, he “will NOT fight” Hardy, not even for the title.

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