Kimbo Slice

I don’t want to spoil the result for anyone who hasn’t seen the episode…so post after the jump if you’re on the blog page. If you already clicked through, don’t read any further.

Tonight was the big night. Kimbo Slice fought Roy Nelson in the first round of the TUF 10 tournament. The episode itself was actually pretty entertaining. Rampage had more hilarious one-liners than I can count. Kimbo had a few philosophical moments, sort of, his enemy is actually himself, his “inner me.” We learned big Marcus Jones is a sensitive man who absolutely loves flowers and gardening. And we found out Kimbo Slice is pretty much the same fighter he’s always been, though in his defense, this fight took place pretty early in the show, so that should probably be expected.

Problem was everyone who already knew what happened kept talking about how impressive Kimbo Slice was. Maybe to trick us into believing he actually had a chance, or maybe he comes back as a replacement and puts on a better performance (Spike is already promoting that angle to keep up ratings), I don’t know,  but tonight I was not impressed.

What was supposed to happen, happened. Kimbo managed to briefly corner Roy and land a few punches in the first round, he hit him with a few in opening moments of the second, and even exhibited fairly decent takedown defense in the first, but that was about it. He never did anything that made me think, wow, Kimbo is good enough to be in the UFC. Roy got him down in both rounds, put him a very dominant crucifix position twice and dealt unanswered, albeit rather weak, blows until the ref stopped the fight. That’s how it was supposed to go down, and that’s fine for Kimbo, he’s still learning, I’m not trying to knock him, he’s actually very likable. I just don’t see him having a successful career in the UFC unless he shows remarkable improvement, and at his age, that’s a huge question mark.

To his credit, Roy was a big step up in competition for Kimbo, but it’s not going to get any easier for him in the UFC. Let’s be honest here, if he was anyone other than Kimbo Slice, he probably wouldn’t be fighting in front of a live UFC audience in December based on his performance tonight.

What do you think? Am I being too hard on Kimbo?