Lyoto Machida

Lyoto Machida is unlike any other fighter inside the cage, and as we’re slowly finding out, there’s no one quite like him outside of it either.

We already know he drinks his own urine on a daily basis like it’s a glass of morning orange juice. That alone is pretty crazy if you ask me. But how about this? Karate guys love to put on a show by breaking planks of wood. Not Machida, he just hits the same piece of wood over and over and…

“My punch is my heaviest hit and the toughest one to be defended by the opponent. I study the distance, the pace of fighting, because everybody knows how to punch. When to punch is the more difficult part. I train with a piece of wood (width 10cm, length: 1.30m) for about 400, 500 hits a day at each side. I also attack the punchbag to strengthen the movement” he said to R7 Esportes.

I’m not exactly sure why he does this, but it sounds pretty similar to the old school Muay Thai fighters who used to kick banana trees to condition their shins before they had access to heavy bags and other training equipment. I don’t know, but it’s badass. Can you imagine how hardened Machida’s knuckles are after all these years? His fists are probably more like rocks than a set of fragile bones waiting to be broken on someone’s skull.

Image via Fight Magazine