Brett Rogers smiling at Fedor

“Alistair’s kind of holding on to the title. I don’t know what he’s doing, or what little plan he has hidden up his sleeve, but he’s gonna have to give that up, sooner than later, because I’m coming for it….I feel like I should already have the title for when I fought Arlovski…That title should have been mine, but Alistair keeps procrastinating and making up little excuses abut his hand and all this. I mean, he has I don’t know how many other wins, but he’s making excuses. We’re going to get our day…I’m about to get two titles in a sense [laughs]. I’m going to take out Fedor, and I’m going to take out Overeem whenever I get to him.”

—Brett Rogers telling Five Ounces Of Pain he should be the Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion for beating Andrei Arlovski

This is the second time I’ve seen Brett Rogers talking about Alistair Overeem and his failure to defend his title in this past week. My question is: Should he really be worrying about a title and what Alistair is up to when he his showdown with the toughest opponent he will probably ever face is only a handful of weeks away? Brett can do what we wants obviously, but if I were him, no one in this world would exist in my mind besides Fedor Emelianenko until the fight was over.

Speaking of the Fedor-Rogers event, Fanhouse is reporting that Bobby Lashley is currently in talks with Strikeforce, and word is they want him to make his debut on the CBS undercard.

Image via Esther Lin for Showtime