Dana White

“These numbers are beyond huge. I’m blown away. I honestly am blown away. I knew it was going to be big. This is massive. Do you understand how significant these numbers are, getting more viewers than CBS?…It’s hard to say why, but some people have it and some don’t, and Kimbo definitely does.”

—Dana White reacting to the massive ratings for the third episode of TUF 10 featuring Kimbo Slice vs Roy Nelson

In case you haven’t heard, last night’s ratings were huge. 6.1 million people tuned into watch the final 15 minutes of the show, which is just below the 6.5 million total viewers Kimbo drew on CBS against James Thompson, and Spike isn’t available in nearly as many homes as CBS. It also pulled a 6.81 rating in the M18-35 demo and  a 5.43 in the M18-49 demo.

Now that Kimbo has lost though, it will be interesting to see how many people bite on the promo teasing Kimbo’s return and tune in next week. Dana says, “Hang in there. The season’s not over yet.”

For those of us who will be watching regardless of what happens with Kimbo, Dana says we can at least look forward to much better fights than the first three.

“It’s a really good season,” White said. “The fight (between Slice and Nelson) sucked. I wasn’t happy with any of the fights the first three weeks, to be honest. I was disappointed by the way we came out of the gate in terms of the fights. But the fights really get better. By episode 8, believe me when I tell you, you’re going to be going wild.”

Hmm…you can interpret that however you like, but I’m taking it to mean “Titties” turns out to be a complete and utter badass. The next Brock Lesnar!