So at least two of the remaining competitors in DREAM’s Super Hulk Tournament are training for it. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to me, but in an weird way it kinda does. I guess I could just never picture it in my head without seeing it for my own eyes first.

Anyways, CagePotato found this video of Bob Sapp training for his fight against Sokoudjou next week. He actually does look like a beast when he’s throwing leg kicks against a stationary target, well at least through about 10 of them at which point he looks like he’s going to collapse from exhaustion.

My favorite of the two is Minowaman’s though. There’s something not right when you have to hit the pads at a 75° angle above your head. The best part comes at the end when Minowaman poses for media pictures with a life-size cardboard cutout of his opponent, Hong Man Choi. Only in Japan.