Kimbo Slice training at ATT

“Right now, what we can see is a big, hardened guy with a fight mentality and a lot of heart. It’s just a guy who knows how to punch and is very heavy handed, but has a long way to go with the grappling and the wrestling stuff…Let’s put it this way: he’s exactly where I thought he would be in skill level, but he’s way more acceptable in terms of learning and mentality…Number one: ABC’s, you know what I’m saying? You’ve got to go back to basics. There’s no way to get a solid foundation, sort of jumping over positions and try to do something that’s acrobatic and crazy. He’s not at that level of skills right now. He‘s gotta go through the fundamentals of grappling and ground and takedowns. Very basic stuff; foot positions, and hand position…Maybe two days is too early to say something, but it’s been easy to work with him. He’s very coachable. If he keeps the way he’s doing right now, it’s going to pick up fast…The plan is, win or lose, to keep the guy in the family,”

—ATT head trainer and Kimbo Slice’s new coach Ricardo Liborio gives MMA Weekly an honest assessment of Kimbo’s current skill level

First things first, hopefully they teach him how to stay out of that damn crucifix position. It’s not very often we see someone put in one. We’ve seen Kimbo in it three times now.