Fedor facing off with Brett Rogers
"Ha, look at this guy. How good can he be?"

The other day we were wondering why Brett Rogers was talking so much about Alistair Overeem and his title when he’s scheduled to fight arguably the best fighter this sport has ever seen in little over a month.

Well, as it turns out that may be because Rogers is hardly any more familiar with Fedor Emelianenko than the jacked up tough guy at the bar who trains “UFC.”

Rogers, though, who recently began his camp for Emelianenko, isn’t fretting about Emelianenko’s intimidating persona and gaudy record for exactly one reason: He’s not well-versed enough in the sport to know much about Emelianenko’s background.

“I know very, very little about the man,” Rogers said. “What I know is what I’ve heard on the Internet, but it’s nothing that makes me prepare any differently. I understand the one thing about this sport is that you have to take every man you face seriously and I totally understand that.

“I prepare as hard as I can for every fight. I understand from what I’ve seen that he’s the No. 1 heavyweight in the world. I respect that and I respect him for what he’s accomplished. But I’m not intimidated or worried about fighting him. This is what I do. He’s just my next opponent.”

“I’m not going to get caught up in ‘Fedor’s got this’ or ‘Fedor’s doing that,’ ” Rogers said. “I’m training, too. I have two arms and two legs just like he does. I choose to look at it that he’s just another man in my way of me accomplishing my goals. All the talking and all the stuff on the Internet isn’t going to matter when they close the door on Nov. 7 and it’s just me and him in there. It’s going to come down to preparation and execution and who the better man is that night.”

There’s two ways of looking at this: A) Brett’s chances of winning are better because he won’t be mentally defeated before he enters the cage like many of Fedor’s opponents supposedly were, or B) OMFG, Rogers has no idea what he’s up against. His chances of winning just went from slim to none.

Yeah, I’m going with B.