Where the hell is Nick Diaz? That’s what Jay Hieron wants to know. He signed with Strikeforce to fight Diaz for the welterweight title. Instead, he got Jesse “JT Money” Taylor because of Diaz’s marijuana habit. Hieron isn’t even upset about that though. That’s in the past, he just wants his fight now, and Diaz is nowhere to be found.

“Diaz is fucking around. I don’t know what the kid’s doing. He’s trying to box and all of that. That’s the fight outside of the UFC that makes the most sense for a world title fight.”

Hieron says he isn’t upset at Strikeforce, but you can tell he’s running out of patience with the entire situation. He says he only has one fight left on his contract. How much longer before he says the hell with this, fights some lower level guy, and bolts for the UFC? I wouldn’t blame him if he did. If Diaz and his camp really wanted this fight, wouldn’t they have said something by now? They haven’t been shy in the past.