Vadim FinkelsteinThere’s two sides to every story, and today, M-1 president Vadim Finkelchtein gave his regarding allegations that M-1 are “a bunch of crooks” made by Golden Glory’s Bas Boon.

On M-1’s official website, Finkelchtein responded to virtually every statement Boon made on Much like us, Vadim had a hard time following the long and complicated story that alleged Boon did all the work in getting Fedor his major deals in Japan while M-1 reaped all the rewards.

The gist of Vadim’s response claims Boon was trying to make money off of everyone, and he left quite a few details out of his story which would have brought that to light. According to Vadim, M-1 aren’t the crooks, Bas Boon is.

Bas, seems like everybody owes you.

But I think that readers understand what kind of person you are, that your primary business is a fraud, you tried to make money of everything. You indeed did help me in the beginning: you provided me with several athletes and paid them, but you forget to mention that you got all the rights for the shows which I made while losing money, from 50k to 200k US$ on each show. And you were selling the video rights all over the world although we had an agreement to share all the profit from the rights on 50/50 basis. The series of events “Russia vs World” and others were sold all over the Globe.

I found my tapes in Free Record Shop which is the biggest media shop in the Netherlands. And they are still on sale there. You even managed to sell my proprietary rights to “Boets”, a Russian Martial Arts channel and make money on it. You can’t deny it. And although we agreed to share all the profit 50/50 I have never had a cent off it.

I don’t understand why you write this detective story and post it on internet 5 years later after the events had occurred. What is the meaning of it? I will never work with you anymore, you had two chances but you tried to cheat on both occasions. I simply don’t work with such people. Everything you did for Fedor, you did for your personal profit.

Every reasonable person can understand that you are inadequate and your quotation that “Fedor’s management are crooks” should be addressed to yourself.

Anyone who’s sane would conclude from the last Boon interview that he’s just a crook trying to make money off everyone he every touched. Just read his “depiction” of the aforementioned situation. Oh yeah, he was managing things here and there. He was even a secret manager, Miro worked on his behalf since Bas was afraid to ruin his relations with the partners, thus scheming behind Pride’s back. All he did was to make a profit out of other’s work.

After hearing both sides of the story, I still don’t full understand what exactly transpired between M-1 and Bas Boon. They’re both pointing fingers claiming they never received money the other owed them, though M-1 seems content to just leave it in the past. We’ll probably never know who really cheated who, but what’s important now is the bad blood that exists between these two parties isn’t going to get in the way of the best heavyweight fight Strikeforce can put together, Fedor Emelianenko vs. Alistair Overeem.

Image via Esther Lin for Showtime