For whatever reason, a handful of posts popped up today discussing the future of the WEC. It seems like the majority of fans think the WEC or at least it’s fighters should be folded into the UFC for a variety of reasons. Dana White hinted at the possibility of adding the lighter weight classes to the UFC back in August, yet today it was announced that Urijah Faber, the promotion’s biggest star, has inked a new multi-year, six-fight deal with World Extreme Cagefighting. WEC president Reed Harris says Faber is so happy with them, he wants to finish out the rest of his career in the WEC.

“I had sat down with Urijah probably about six-to-eight weeks ago, and Urijah and are friends. I mean, he fought for me back before Zuffa even bought the company. So we go back way, and I told him, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll work it out,’ and I also told him that I would not say a negative thing about him ever, because in my book, he’s one of the greatest fighters I’ve ever had in my organization. And he just said, ‘ I appreciate that, and let’s get this thing done.’ He told me he wants to retire with WEC; He’s helped build this company, which he has, and he wanted to fight here for the rest of his life.”

It’s hard to imagine the UFC adding a featherweight division without Urijah Faber, isn’t it?

Of course it probably wouldn’t much of a problem to move Urijah or any of its other fighters over to the UFC regardless of their current contracts, but when you also consider the WEC’s multi-year deal with Versus and their pay-per-view and reality TV aspirations that they just can’t seem to let go of, it becomes pretty apparent that the WEC isn’t going anywhere for quite awhile.

Video via MMA:30