Alistair OvereemAlistair Overeem has been under a microscope lately for not defending his Strikeforce Heavyweight title. He was criticized up and down for fighting in the 2009 K-1 WGP, and now word is he’s going to be fighting Sam Hoger on Oct. 17 at Golden Glory 11.

Fighter” alum Sam Hoger at Glory 11 on Oct. 17 in his home city of Amsterdam.

Triple Crown Fighter’s Steve Ruisch, who brokered the deal for Hoger, told Monday afternoon that the deal was “95 percent finalized.”

That’s not all. Overeem appeared in a promotional video for DREAM.12, which is scheduled a week later on Oct. 25. Japanese promotional materials often read like wish lists instead of confirmed participants, but Overeem’s manager Bas Boon says Alistair may fight on the card in addition to FEG’s Dynamite NYE card.

“Alistair will be doing K-1 and MMA in his career. He qualified for the K-1 GP finals on December 5th. He may fight on October 25th in Osaka (Castle Hall) at the DREAM show and also on the NYE card in Japan. We are planning to face Fedor after the first quarter of 2010 in Strikeforce in a heavyweight title defense when the money is good and guaranteed! He would have fought already in Strikeforce this year if it was not for his hand injury…”

You might think this news would be upsetting to Strikeforce. Not so, says Scott Coker. Alistair is scheduled to fight the Fedor-Rogers winner early next year, so they don’t have a problem with what he does in the meantime.

“I’ve read all the blogs and statements about Golden Glory and what they’re saying, Alistair not honoring his contract,” said Coker. “That’s all stuff I call the National Enquirer gossip. We’re not going to respond to that. We know Alistair’s going to be fighting in Strikeforce. We have an agreement. The relationship is strong. They’re thankful that we’re letting them fight in Dream. But I still think Alistair is going to be a champion in Strikeforce that’s going to be a formidable opponent for either Fedor (Emelianenko) or Brett Rogers.”

“In the past, we’ve always used the K-1 agreement, and they fought for us because I asked K-1 or Dream or Pride at the time, can I use Vitor Belfort, can I use Alistair Overeem?” Coker continued. “And they said sure. Now, with the relationship with CBS and Showtime, we have direct contracts with Alistair that have nothing to do with Dream. He’s obligated to fight, it’s just scheduling the time now.”

It’s funny, Bas Boon just told the story about the shady management practices he used back in the day to get Fedor the freedom to fight for PRIDE and their competitors simultaneously. Not saying he’s using those tactics anymore, but he’s definitely working the system to get his client as many paydays as possible. So I guess we shouldn’t be surprised to see Alistair fighting for everyone under the sun, nor should we expect it to stop.

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