DREAM has really stepped it up with their YouTube channel lately posting pre-fight interviews, promos, video of the weigh-ins, etc. All the post-fight interviews for DREAM.11 are now posted as well. I’ve included all the ones with English speaking participants here, but YouTube also has a really cool subtitle feature you can use for the Japanese interviews.

MDS has a detailed recap of presser over at Fanhouse. Here’s the short version.

  • Bibiano Fernandes’ first featherweight title defense will come against Hiroyuki Takaya, the fighter he narrowly beat at DREAM.11 to win it.
  • Shinya Aoki will defend his lightweight title against Tatsuya Kawajiri at Dynamite on NYE.
  • DREAM wants Sakuraba to fight at DREAM.12. Can’t he just go out with a win?
  • Boxer Ruben Williams had no idea getting kicked in the leg would actually hurt.
  • DREAM expects good ratings thanks to the Super Hulk Tournament. Minowaman’s win over HMC got the biggest reaction from the live audience that I heard, though I had to watch it in pieces on the internet.
  • Joe Warren is upset the ref stopped his fight because he didn’t tap out. He has a case.
  • Bob Sapp is upset the ref stopped his fight while he was being pelted in the face and did nothing but cover up. He doesn’t have a case.