Well, I just signed a four fight deal. But I’m not telling you I’m going fight all four fights, either. It’s one of those things where the UFC wants to keep me tied up, so if I were to go into retirement after two or three fights and another fight came up, they would have me under contract and I couldn’t go and fight for somebody else…I don’t know what I’m going to do next in the sport, to be honest. I don’t know how many fights I’ll take. I could fight these four fights and then sign another contract. It depends on how I feel…As far as who I fight next? You know, looking at these younger kids who are wanting to come in and be the next world champion or be the next contender, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t know if I’ll take on those guys…There are plenty of older guys out there with big names who can fight, too. I like to take fights where I’ve got something to win. If I take a fight against Mike Swick or Josh Kosheck, I’ve really got nothing to gain from that fight besides a paycheck and beating somebody up. They’ve got more to win than I do. Those aren’t the kinds of fights that interest me…Royce Gracie was a big fight, you know? It was a huge name, a guy that had won the old tournaments in the beginning. Those are the fights I like, the ones I can really get revved up for and get motivated. Those are the kinds of fights that gets me into the gym ready to train and work.

—Matt Hughes talking to Heavy.com about the kind of fights he wants to finish his career with

So basically Matt Hughes wants the same type of opponent as Swick, Koscheck and Daley — someone with a big name who shouldn’t be too hard to beat. Not that there’s anything wrong with that — Hughes has earned the right to fight whoever he wants as far as I’m concerned — but there’s not a whole lot of guys like that floating around the UFC anymore. He hinted at a possible rematch against Dennis Hallman, who beat him twice a decade ago. A Frank Trigg rematch seems logical but Hughes said the UFC isn’t particularly interested.