UFC Octagon Toy Set
Joe Silva's vision of the Octagon v2.0

Despite the WEC’s best efforts to make us believe otherwise, Dana White is still hinting at adding the lighter weight divisions to the UFC. I just never expected it to come in the form of this question and answer with Yahoo! Sports.

DD: Would the WEC fighters lose something if you moved them from the smaller WEC cage to the bigger UFC Octagon?

DW: Actually, we’ve been talking about making the Octagon smaller. We’re considering making it smaller. [UFC matchmaker] Joe Silva wants it. I think he wants to turn the thing into a [expletive] bathtub. Have them fight in a little tollbooth.

You know, I never really stopped to consider if the Octagon, which is known for its tremendous size, would be too big for the 145’rs and 135’rs. The smaller cages and rings do seem to produce more action so I can dig it (I have absolutely no scientific data whatsoever to back this claim up). It will be interesting to see what size they come up with if they do change it. It would have to be bigger than the WEC’s cage though, right? Could you imagine Lesnar vs Carwin in that?

Bonus question and answer:

Question from reader Eric of Beverly Hills, Calif: If you could fight one non-MMA personality, who would it be and why?

I don’t want to [expletive] fight anybody. If I could bring somebody in and get their ass kicked, who would it be? Let me think about that one. I would bring in the executives from Showtime. Those pompous, arrogant jackasses. OK, quote me word for word. Bring in those pompous, arrogant jackasses from Showtime, and they can come in, and I’d bring in, who’s our smallest fighter we have? Bring in a 100-pound fighter and kick the [expletive] out of all of those dorks.

Dana also confirmed his video blogs are coming back.