Mirko Cro Cop Exits The Cage At UFC 103

It’s often said that hardcore drug addicts have to hit rock bottom before they can turn their lives around.

Can the same be said for Mirko Cro Cop whose career has fallen into an downward spiral that he just can’t seem to pull out of? I don’t know, but in an interview with Nokaut.com (translated by Fighter’s Only) Cro Cop certainly sounds like he hit rock bottom following his loss to Junior dos Santos at UFC 103.

“I was very, very disturbed after the loss to Dos Santos. I was in such a state that I wished to hang myself in my hotel room so I would be gone. Three losses in my last seven fights is nothing but a disaster to me. That’s a terrible score and I’m not happy about it”

In the Dos Santos fight, Cro Cop’s problems inside the cage seemed to be more mental than anything else, something we’ve seen him struggle with at various points in his career. The good news is he’s actually considering doing something about it now.

“I already know some things that I did wrong both in the fight and in the preparation for the fight, but there are many questions that remain to be answered. I am seriously thinking about hiring a psychiatrist to help me out. I have already made some calls about it.“

I’m always reluctant to suggest that someone needs to seek out therapy, but in this case, I think it would be a step in the right direction. Georges St. Pierre, among countless other professional athletes, have worked with sports psychologists. It worked wonders for GSP, so maybe it can do the same for Cro Cop.

Either way, Mirko says he’s not retiring, fighting is his life and he plans to fulfill the two fights he has remaining on his UFC contract.

“If someone offered me millions of dollars to quit my career right now I would not accept it. [Fighting] is my life and I don’t know any other way to live…I will make some changes in my training, because I wish to fight twice more in the UFC. I am a fighter, and I will find the motivation and strength I need.”

Here’s to hoping you do Mirko. No one wants to see what we saw at UFC 103 again.

Image via Sherdog