“I think [Henderson] won the fight. Some people will say it might have gone the other way, but he definitely won the fight…I’d like to just go out there and get going right from the start, but I didn’t. I just got my ass kicked for the first two rounds and then decided I’d get fired up…I’m obviously disappointed in myself. I didn’t go out there and show what I had the first couple of rounds…I asked my coach, ‘What round are we in?’ He said, ‘Fourth.’ I said, ‘Oh, [expletive], I better get going.’…Ben is a hell of a fighter. A couple of spots I thought I had him, but he just kept going. I got karate chopped in my throat in the first round, but no excuses. I take my hat off to the guy. He did what he had to do, and hell, it was a great fight. I’m ready to do it again anytime he’s ready.”

—Donald Cerrone talking to MMA Junkie about the outcome of his fight with Ben Henderson at WEC 43

The result of the Cerrone-Henderson fight has stirred up quite a bit of controversy. A lot of people feel Cowboy won the fight — some even say it was a “bullshit” decision, Cowboy was robbed, screwed, etc. — but I thought it was just really close and could have gone either way. While I wouldn’t have complained if Cowboy had won, I’m not upset that they gave it to Henderson either, though I admit I wasn’t actively scoring it in my head while it was happening. When I have a chance to rewatch it maybe I’ll change my mind, but I certainly didn’t have the same reaction a lot of people did from the initial viewing. What do you think? Was Cowboy robbed?

In other post-WEC 43 news, the WEC hinted at the post-fight press conference that Rafael Assuncao may be Urijah Faber’s next opponent.

Video via Sherdog