How much do you miss this guy? Oh, not at all, that’s alright, Jared Shaw is cool with that as he tells MMA Fanhouse’s Ariel Helwani. He’d love to be involved in mixed martial arts again, but there’s not too many opportunities floating around these days for fall guys of previously failed promotions. $kala’s not upset that he took a ton of heat when EliteXC was crumbling (he wasn’t the only one), he just wishes the chiefs would have listened to him. For example, Jared thought pitting Kimbo Slice against Ken Shamrock was an awful idea. He wanted Brett Rogers because he thought at least if Kimbo lost, he could have built Rogers into a star. Fast forward a year and he’s a little disappointed that Kimbo decided to take the TUF route. He doesn’t think Kimbo will ever be an elite mixed martial artist (oh really?) — too many tricks for that old dog to learn. Instead, Kimbo should have went to boxing where the sport is dying for another heavyweight like Mike Tyson or Evander Holyfield. The Shaw’s would have no doubt promoted Kimbo as the next Tyson, but if he couldn’t knock out a glass-jawed James Thompson with 4 oz. gloves what are the chances of him obliterating professional boxers with 12 oz. gloves? Yeah, not very good, but nice try $kala. While he hopes that one day he can go to work for someone like Strikeforce or even the UFC, he doesn’t have his hopes up. Instead, he’s working on his music and hopes to produce a few ring entrance tracks for fighters. Just not for Herschel Walker, he thinks Walker in MMA is a joke. Oh, the irony.