Houston AlexanderLooks like the UFC may try to capitalize on Kimbo Slice’s drawing power with pay-per-view buys instead of ratings after all.

According to Five Oz., the UFC is in the initial stages of pitting Kimbo against Houston Alexander at UFC 107.

A slugfest between Kimbo Slice and Houston Alexander is looking like a strong possibility for UFC 107.

A source close to the situation advised FiveOuncesofPain.com today that although no bout agreements have been sent, at least one of the fighters has been formally approached about the possibility of the bout.

Ms. Tracy Lee, MMA photographer extraordinaire, has an update straight from Houston Alexander.

So there’s a lot of stuff being said that the fight between him and kimbo is confirmed. Straight from his mouth, this fight has not been confirmed!!

Obviously, this is a just a rumor at this point. I’ve heard it in a few places in the past week or so, but Five Oz. is the first credible site that has issued a report on it.

It’s makes a lot of sense though. Who better to match up Kimbo with than somebody as green on the ground as he is?