Shogun Rua

“He is very confident. He’ll face a striker and he is trained for it. It won’t be only a stand-up fight but Mauricio is ready to surprise everybody. Shogun is well-trained. We worked knowing that Lyoto is an athlete who moves very much. We know how this fight will go and have A, B, C and D plans. Shogun will know all the moves from Machida…For the pace of fighting that Lyoto forces, always looking for the knockout, I think this fight won’t go past the third round. Shogun will knock out him in the 3rd round for sure. Shogun is going to be the unique guy to show the world how to beat Lyoto. Everyone will learn how to beat Machida so on.”

—Shogun’s coach, Andre Dida, in an interview with (translated via Fighters Only) proclaiming Shogun will knock Lyoto Machida out at UFC 104

My heart’s with Shogun, but man, I just don’t see it happening. I think Shogun has a better chance than a lot of people are giving him, but stylistically, the match-up really favors Machida. Not that I know the secret to beating Machida, but I’d focus on attacking his body instead of his head. Hit what he actually leaves in striking distance.

Hey, it’s worth a shot. Nothing else has worked.