Oh, how I love lawsuits. A student wrestler at Blue Springs High School in Kansas City is suing the school district because he got his teeth knocked out during an MMA-style fight after wrestling practice. His family is seeking in excess of $25,000 in damage to cover his dental bills. The lawsuit claims the wrestling program “promoted extreme fighting” and one of the coaches even watched and cheered the kids on while they fought. Apparently, the school refused to address the incident to their “satisfaction” or reimburse the kid’s parents for his dental work, so they sued. The kid’s lawyer:

“The school essentially refused to take this matter seriously, even when the school was provided that video,” Baylard said. “There was plenty of opportunity for the school to accept responsibility.”

Ok, here’s an idea, how about the kid also accepts responsibility for being a dumbass and getting involved in an unsanctioned activity that puts his health and safety at risk. Don’t get me wrong, the coach that allowed this to happen should certainly be reprimanded, and while I understand the school is liable for what happens on its grounds, shouldn’t the kids who participate in these “fight clubs” shoulder some of the blame too? The law is probably on the parent’s side here because a school official was present and the student was a minor, but let’s not act like he was an innocent victim in all of this. Everyone involved should be responsible if you ask me.

HT: Bloody Elbow