King Mo Lawal

To me, I’m the top dog. And you know who the top dog really is? The top dog is Fedor. That’s the top dog all around. That’s the person everybody wants to fight. Regardless if it’s 205 or heavyweight. Fedor is the top dog. Mousasi is a good, young fighter, but Fedor is the top dog. I would love to fight Mousasi [and] I would love to fight Fedor…Let me tell you something: am I supposed to be afraid of Fedor? I’m not. Fedor is the best fighter; he’s looked great. But the thing is, styles makes match-ups. You know, Mark Hunt did great against Fedor because he has the style to do good against Fedor, you know what I’m saying?…Here’s the thing I don’t get: Mousasi is a good fighter, but all of a sudden they make it sound like he’s the God of MMA. Fans, they don’t understand … People try to say that Mousasi is light years ahead of me and this and that and he’s going to knock me out. OK, please. I would love to see that happen. I think he’s a great fighter, but by any means, I think I’m a great fighter too. What am I supposed to be afraid of him or something?

—King Mo telling MMA Fanhouse that he wants a crack at Gegard Mousasi and Fedor Emelianenko in Strikeforce

King Mo is not messing around. He wants to compete in both the light heavyweight and heavyweight divisions. If he has his way, he won’t be fighting mid-level opponents and working his way up to a title shot, he’ll get a shot at the true kings of both divisions right away. Strikeforce may have other plans in store for King Mo, but you have to admire his confidence if nothing else. Still, too much too soon?

Image via All Elbows