Scott CokerA few news and notes coming out of today’s teleconference for Strikeforce “Fedor vs Rogers” event.

Strikeforce & DREAM to unify titles?

Scott Coker is hoping the next step in the Strikeforce-DREAM alliance will be a unification of titles.

“I think that one of the reasons why we made the alliance is so we can see some of the best fighters of Dream fight the best fighters of Strikeforce. Unifying those title belts, I have no problem with that. As a fan and as a company, we would definitely like to pursue that.”

Sweet, just as soon as Strikeforce’s champions actually start defending their titles and DREAM finishes crowning their champions.

Coker says he is addressing Strikeforce’s situation, but didn’t give any details. Alistair Overeem is still scheduled to defend his belt in early 2010. Jake Shields and Mayhem Miller are fighting on Nov. 7 for the middleweight title Cung Le recently vacated. Still no word on when a welterweight title fight between Nick Diaz and Jay Hieron will go down, if it all. Josh Thomson will hopefully defend his lightweight title soon if he can ever stop breaking his leg. And Cris Cyborg should have a new challenger for her title after the Toughill-Coenen fight on Nov. 7.

As for DREAM, well, they only have champions in the lightweight, welterweight and featherweight divisions. Gegard Mousasi was their middleweight champion until he vacated the title to move up in weight. Mayhem and Jacare tried to fight for the title but that ended in a no contest. A rematch was in the works, but both fighters ended up signing with Strikeforce. DREAM has yet to crown champions in the light heavyweight and heavyweight divisions.

So if they were to unify titles today, the only fight they could actually make is Josh Thomson vs. Shinya Aoki after Thomson heals up.

Mayhem doing his part to promote CBS event

If Strikeforce’s big debut on CBS tanks in the ratings, don’t blame Mayhem Miller.

“Stick a microphone in my face and I’ll riff on it,” Miller said. “I want everyone to watch this fight, and if you miss it you’re missing not just a great fight with me and Jake, but also the No. 1 heavyweight in the world taking on the undefeated Brett Rogers. If MMA fans don’t know about this fight it’s not my fault, because I’m Twittering, MySpacing and Facebooking. I’m out there. I might as well be spray painting about it on walls.”

Strikeforce should name Mayhem their Director of Social Networking.

Bigfoot wants Fedor

Add Antonio Silva to the list of people who want to fight Fedor Emelianenko.

Werdum is a good fighter, very experienced, cautious with a good jiu-jitsu. He is famed among Strikeforce heavyweights and I want to be between the best ones to get the chance to fight Fedor, so I have to look for a knockout or a submission victory over him…Fight is fight and everything may happen but I don’t see Rogers knocking out or submitting Fedor, despite his heavy hands. If you observe, he goes towards the opponent with his guard opened and Fedor hits very well in the short distance. I will be rooting to Fedor keep winning…Every competitor from all sports wants to face off the best and I would like to fight him so much. It’s hard to know how it would go on, after all, Fedor is good at any game.

No, it’s not Fedor-Lesnar, but if Fedor finishes up his Strikeforce contract against the Werdum/Silva winner and Alistair Overeem, I’d say it was a decent run all things considered. It would kinda be like Fedor fighting Frank Mir and Cheick Kongo with a ground game in the UFC.

Image via All Elbows