The Simpson In The Septagon
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No one really made a big deal about The Simpsons’ MMA episode. Sure, it played off all the stereotypes many people still have, but it was all in good fun, right? It’s The Simpsons, they make fun of everything. In a way, it’s a testament to how far MMA has come.

Well, Dana White didn’t see it that way. He managed to find a few parts funny, but for the most part he was rather dejected.

“I was disappointed,” White says. “I think it was typical of people that don’t know anything about the sport. I know it’s for fun, but the second half of it really wasn’t even funny.”

What he didn’t like:

  • Children imitating MMA moves on the playground.
  • The crowd dashing out after Marge’s fight to see two drunk guys fighting in the parking lot. “Which is the furthest thing from the truth at a mixed martial arts event,” White says. “That’s the Red Sox-Yankees game. That’s not a UFC event.”
  • The promoter fighting and sucker-punching Marge. “He says you’re the first woman I’ve hit that I didn’t love – stuff like that really bothered me,” White says.

Personally, I think Dana’s blowing it a bit out of proportion, but I’m also not the guy who spent the better half of a decade pouring all my blood, sweat and tears into building the sport and steering people away from the stereotypes and misconceptions, so I guess I can see where he’s coming from.