ESPN’s “The Body Issue” is the last time you’ll see Gina Carano without her clothes for a while, she thinks.

“I’m a very shy individual,” she said. “I did like it, but I don’t really show off my body that much. It was a shocker. My whole family was like, ‘OK, OK, is that it? No more.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, no more, no more.’

“I did love being a part of it because it was such a unique issue with a bunch of different people’s bodies. I’m a curvy person. I’ve got meat on me. Maybe, hopefully, little girls out there see my body and can be inspired by that, too. It gives them something else to look at.

“It was all good. But I’m just a shy person, so it’s a little bit hard. It was beautiful, but I’m shy. No more. I’m going to keep my clothes on for a while, I think.”

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