Lorenzo Fertitta

Just this week it was revealed that the UFC would be heading to Australia for a live event on February 21. Here’s Lorenzo Fertitta on the thought process behind staging an event Down Under along with news that we’ll get to see it live at the normal event time.

Australia is the next target market for a live show, with a date scheduled but not finalized on Feb. 21 at the Acer Arena in Sydney. The belief, because the Australian economy hasn’t been hit as hard as the rest of the world over the past couple years, and with the American success of concerts, sports and WWE, that the UFC can do a sizable live gate.

“We’ve been doing our research on Australia,” said Fertitta. “We’ve seen the ticket prices that are charged for concerts, sports and WWE. Australia’s economy didn’t take as much of a hit as the rest of the world. So that’s where we think we can do very well. Plus we like Australia because we can do a live pay-per-view.” The show is scheduled for a live pay-per-view in North America, meaning the live event itself will be starting at between 10 and 11 a.m. on a Sunday morning and main matches starting at 1 p.m. in Sydney for airing in the usual 10 p.m. Eastern time slot.

As we’ve been hearing, Australia is only one small piece of the UFC’s puzzle for worldwide domination. Dave Meltzer’s piece also talks about the UFC going everywhere from Asia (which they don’t expect to fully monetize for another 10-15 years) to the Middle East, Spain, Scotland, Mexico and Brazil. It’s chock full of good information and definitely worth the read.