Here’s Wanderlei Silva announcing his fight against Yoshihiro Akiyama on Feb. 21 at UFC 111 in Sydney, Australia. Who would have ever thought the UFC would be in Australia? Awesome stuff and great fight. Can’t wait.

If you have trouble watching the video, here’s the YouTube link. I was getting an error for some strange reason.

Update: MMA Junkie’s Dann Stupp tweeted that the Feb. 21 event in Australia will actually be UFC 110, not UFC 111 as the video says. Here’s what the UFC’s early 2010 schedule looks like according to Dann.

  • UFC 108: 1/2
  • UFC FN 20: 2/11
  • UFC 109: 2/6
  • UFC 110: 2/21

It was believed there would be a numbered event on 1/30 as well, but Dann says otherwise.