Mickey Rourke

They’ll both be working with Mickey Rourke in one capacity or another.

Rourke personally invited Roger Huerta to visit him in New York for acting lessons.

Almost a month after losing a hard-fought battle with Gray Maynard at UFC Fight Night 19, Huerta is studying acting with movie star Mickey Rourke and Rourke’s personal acting coach.

Huerta’s manager, Jeff Clark, said his fighter recently flew to New York at Rourke’s request.

“Mickey took him under his wing,” said Clark.

As for Roger’s future, he apparently landed a role in a movie called “Circle of Pain.” No indication if it’s a major motion picture like The A-Team or Knockout or a straight-to-the-Wal-Mart-$5-DVD-bin movie like Never Surrender. He still plans on fighting, but still doesn’t have a contract with anyone.

While Roger studies acting with Rourke, Chuck Liddell will be playing a small role in one of his upcoming movies.

While Liddell was ousted from the popular prime time show he simultaneously heard good news about his next gig – a role in an upcoming Mickey Rourke film.

“It’s a bigger movie,” Liddell said, adding that it was too early to reveal many details, but noting that the film had a strong cast

Liddell will begin shooting his film next month. While his role will be small, Rourke’s recent Academy Award nomination will give the film clout.

No doubt Dana White would love to see Chuck Liddell turn a small gig into a full-time acting career, but unfortunately for him, Chuck the actor isn’t much better than Chuck the dancer.