Fanhouse has the best news item of the day. Showtime is producing a Fight Camp 360 special (similar to HBO’s 24/7 and the UFC’s Primetime series) for the Fedor-Rogers fight to help promote the big Nov. 7 event on CBS.

On this week’s edition of The MMA Hour, which will be presented later this week at MMA FanHouse, Rogers mentioned that an episode of Showtime’s new Fight Camp 360 series is being produced about the fight, and it will air around a week before the CBS telecast on Nov. 7. When contacted by FanHouse, Showtime officials would only say that an announcement regarding the show’s air date would be coming soon.

Since it’s airing on Showtime, I don’t know how much an impact it will have on CBS’ ratings (hopefully a significant one), but I’m definitely looking forward to it. Above is a clip from the Fight Camp 360 special Showtime produced on the super middleweight World Boxing Classic to give you an idea of what the show’s like.