Marcus JonesSeveral TUF 10 cast members have publicly criticized Rampage Jackson for the way he’s handled his role as head coach for Team Rampage, but that doesn’t mean the entire cast feels the same way. Well, at least one of them thought he did a good job. Here’s Marcus Jones defending Jackson on via MMA For Real:

Rampage and the coaches really did do a great job with us.  The cameras are really portraying Rampage in a different light than how we first saw him.  He is a very emotional fighter and it kills him to see his guys go down.  He really cared for us.  Rampage and the coaches put a lot of time into our fight preparation.  For each fight Rampage would develop a game plan.  It was up to us to execute.  It just seemed like once gloves were touched all that went out the window.  I think his attitude towards his fighters is based on the expectations he has for us and when we didn’t perform, he took it hard.

Based on what I’ve seen thus far, I still think Rampage has been a lousy coach this season, but I guess everyone has different opinions about how a coach should lead his team. That said, Jones did take exception to Rampage storming off after his fighters lost.

Another loss, another Rampage storm-off.  I agree with Dana that you should never leave your fighter.  I became friends with my teammates while on the show and it bothers me every time I see him take off.  Win, lose or draw you should be there for your guy.

By the way, if you happen to see Marcus on the street, under no circumstances should you call him “Big Baby.” He wants everyone to know his nickname is “The Darkness,” but if I were you, I’d just call him Marcus. Ninety-five percent of fighter nicknames are lame and unnecessary. “The Darkness” is definitely one of those names.