Gegard Mousasi

Just for a moment, let’s pretend Dan Henderson actually was signing with Strikeforce like that Yahoo! Sports report led us all to believe. Hendo’s signing would set up a sweet light heavyweight title fight between him and the champ, Gegard Mousasi, right? At least better than anything Strikeforce can currently put together.

Well, even IF Hendo did, Mousasi’s not interested in fighting him, at least not at his current salary.

“I think if he would join Strikeforce that there are plenty of good match-ups for him, he would bring a lot of excitement with him,” he told Fighters Only tonight following days of speculation in the MMA media regarding Henderson possibly jumping the UFC ship.

And he added with a laugh, “I personally wouldn’t like to fight him, because if I fight a high-calibre fighter like Dan Henderson or a bum I would get paid the same, so there isn’t any motivation to fight a better fighter – although for the right money I would fight even Godzilla.”

At least he’s honest, and all the more reason for hoping Henderson re-signs with the UFC.

Image via Esther Lin for Showtime