“He needs a lot of work, but he’s coming along, definitely coming along…Because he hits so hard, he puts a lot of turning and effort and committing to punching hard, that sometimes, if he misses, he knocks himself off balance where people can take him down. That’s one of the major issues I have with him –- trying to load up on every shot. You don’t need to…We’re also working on defense, how to slip and parry punches. We’re working on a tremendous amount of blocking…Even though he’s 35 years old, he’s probably like a 25-year-old. He hasn’t taken much abuse. He hasn’t been in the MMA arena long, where you get beat up, taken down, leglocked, armbarred, choked out. There is something he has that you can’t teach and that’s ferocity and heart. He’s very eager to learn.”

—ATT’s boxing coach, Howard Davis Jr., talking to Sherdog about Kimbo Slice’s striking

We’ve been so focused on Kimbo’s ground game, or lack thereof, it’s interesting to actually hear a professional’s opinion on his striking. Kimbo’s never going to be a submission wizard like Big Nog or a dominant wrestler like Brock Lesnar, so if there’s any chance of him finding success in the UFC, it will have to be with his hands. His biggest enemy at this point is time. He doesn’t have a lot of it with a fight in December rapidly approaching, and while I’m sure he could use every waking minute to work on his wrestling and BJJ, his striking apparently needs a lot of attention too. The good news is it sounds like he just needs a lot of refining, not a complete overhaul.