Ed Soares & Anderson Silva

I want to fight and, if the doctor lets me to be back to training, I’ll train and I may fight with Dan Henderson, Vitor, I don’t choose opponent, dude. I’m here to fight anyone. If the weight matches, 195, or 205, or 185 pounds, if I have to fight, I’ll fight. Each one has an opinion and says what think is better, and I’m training to be back better than never to keep with my work, whoever my opponent is. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I get there to do my job and there’s nowhere to run, that our life. Of course I have my personal opinion about some people attitudes, but it has no influence on UFC’s decision to make one fight or other. I want to defend my title and my personal interests, of course, and you gotta have strategy inside and outside the octagon. I’m crazy to grab somebody, I’m crazy to kick asses.

—Anderson Silva, in an interview with Tatame, saying he’ll fight whoever the UFC puts in front of him

What’s with all the mixed signals coming out of the Silva camp these days? Before, Hendo and Vitor didn’t deserve an opportunity to fight Anderson, and now he’ll fight anyone, he doesn’t care. Has this all just been Ed Soares stirring the pot trying to get Anderson a higher profile opponent for a bigger payday? It definitely looks that way.

Image via CombatLifestyle.com