UFC 104 Pre-Fight Press ConferenceVideo of the UFC 104 post-fight press conference can be seen on UFC.com. Here’s a rundown of news and notes from the conference (paraphrased, not quotes).

Attendance: 16,000
Live Gate: $1.9 million

Bonuses $60,000
Knockout of the night: Pat Barry
Submission of the night: Stefan Struve
Fight of the night: Pat Barry & Antoni Hardonk

Dana White: Anthony Johnson should have won knockout of the night but wasn’t eligible because he missed weight. He would have won.

Dana: I thought Shogun won the fight.

Dana: Didn’t agree with Velasquez-Rothwell stoppage. “You know what I think of Mazzagatti. I don’t think that guy should be allowed to watch MMA, let alone referee it.”

Dana: There will be a rematch between Machida and Shogun. I talked to both of them, and they both agreed to a rematch. Not sure how soon.

Dana: Yes, immediate rematch for Shogun. I had Shogun winning the fight, but I always tell these guys you can’t leave it to the judges. First round could have gone either way. I gave the second and third to Machida. I gave the fourth and fifth to Shogun. Assuming Shogun won the first, Shogun won the fight…neither of them tried to steal any round in the final seconds.

Joe Stevenson: I thought Shogun won. I’m not being biased because Rashad’s my boy, I honestly thought Shogun won, but like Dana said, you can’t leave it to the judges.

Anthony Johnson: I feel the same way. I thought Shogun won, but neither of them really went after it. If they have a rematch, I hope its better than this last fight.

Dana: I think Cain’s awesome, a great fighter, gets better every time he gets in there. Ben Rothwell was very motivated for this fight…Cain’s the real deal, he looked awesome for this fight. Cain moved up the ladder with this fight. Sucks to be booed for the way the fight ends…Don’t know yet about where he fits in the title picture.

Cain Velasquez: I thought Rothwell would defend takedowns a lot more.

Dana: I don’t know what’s next for Rothwell or Velasquez.

Cain: I don’t think Ben looked past me considering all the experience he has.

Dana: I don’t think anyone is going to look past Cain Velasquez after his performance in the Cheick Kongo fight.

Shogun Rua: I feel like I was able to use my strategy well, my corner said I was winning, so I didn’t press the action. Everyone I talked to told me I won the fight afterward.

Dana: We’re working hard to get better judges and referees. It’s heartbreaking when there’s a bad call with all the work these guys put in. But, we have no say in their decisions.

Cain: Whoever wins the Lesnar-Carwin fight, I want. Felt good to have the crowd supporting me.

Dana: We’ll still come back to California despite the bad decision.

Shogun: If Dana and Lyoto agree, I’ll fight him again anywhere, anytime. Since everyone thinks I won, I would employ the same strategy in a rematch, and hopefully I will get the win. We’ve been studying Machida’s fights for five months and I formed a strategy with my team. I’m very happy with my performance, but I’m very disheartened by the results.

Johnson: I had the injury, and was out of shape, but it’s my fault for not making weight.

Cain: I feel good at heavyweight.

Dana: It sucks, you never want to hear people booing the main event. That’s why it’s going to be a good rematch.

Lyoto Machida: All three judges awarded me the fight. I didn’t decide the winner, the judges did.

Lyoto: I was 100%, but sometimes your strategy doesn’t always work like you plan. I’m going to back home, watch the fight and we’ll come up with a different plan.

Lyoto: Everytime you go in there you want to make the fans happy, it’s depressing to hear them boo, but it just motivates me to work harder and put on a better performance next time.

Shogun: My corner was telling me I was doing good, winning the rounds, made me more comfortable, thought I won the last three rounds of the fight.

Lyoto: Didn’t hurt too bad in the ribs, but my leg was definitely bothering me.

Dana: Everyone was saying it was The Machida Era, but I knew how good Shogun was. It was a tough fight to score, they should have pressed more at the end of the round to make it easier to score…It’s going to be an incredible rematch…we saw the Shogun from PRIDE tonight.

Lyoto: Saved a little energy in the fourth to explode in the fifth.

Dana: The line will be a lot closer to even in the next as far as the betting line goes.

Shogun: I felt he connected with a couple of strikes, but he never stunned me.

Lyoto: Of course, if the UFC decides to have a rematch, let’s have a rematch.

Lyoto: Definitely a learning experience, my dad and Anderson both pointed out my mistakes in the back.

Dana: This fight doesn’t take away from Machida’s mystique. You don’t see anyone else doing the things he does. The rematch will be a lot of different from both fighters.

Lyoto: It was a tough fight, I was looking to finish, but Shogun was very prepared.

Lyoto: There’s been a couple fights I left with some marks in my face, my brother marked up my face as well in a karate fight.

Stevenson: I felt like I was 19 again. Greg Jackson has renewed my feelings about fight, made it fun again. There’s a few things I can do better, but I think I do a lot of things better than the old Joe. I’m 27, I feel like I’m 45 physically, but 19 mentally.

Shogun: I don’t remember every detail of the fight, but I remember going for takedowns knowing it could influence the judges, but when I couldn’t get them, I let it go to save energy.

Shogun: I trained very hard for this fight, had great cardio, didn’t press the action because I thought I was winning, didn’t want to take risks, will train the same way for rematch.

Lyoto: I felt the fight is in the past now, it’s gone, take what I learned from this fight, and you’ll see a different fighter next time.

Stevenson: Top ten lightweights in UFC would beat the top lightweight in Japan.(Stevenson later appeared on Steve Cofield’s ESPN1100 radio show and said he wants to beat the hell out of Shinya Aoki more than anything)

Dana: Chael Sonnen looked phenomenal tonight. Blown away by his performance against highly respected Okami.

Dana: I’m ready to make the rematch as fast as we can. No one wants to win and lose this way. We’ll see the fight we expected in the rematch. It will be a different fight.