This video above of Brock Lesnar blowing the Minnesota Vikings horn from Oct. 18’s Vikings-Ravens game has a lot of people questioning whether Brock Lesnar is actually sick. Dana said he’s been sick for almost a month, and he sure doesn’t look it in this video, so I can see why people are skeptical, but it is possible Brock was just feeling better that day, isn’t it? Regardless, his teammate Chris Tuchscherer says he’s sick, so I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

“He actually practiced (Sunday) and thought he might be feeling alright. He said, ‘Wow, I think I’m doing OK today,’” Tuchscherer said. “(Monday) he got here and it was the same old stuff — fatiguing right away, not being all there.

“After practice we were all sitting around, we were actually going to come back later at night to work out again, and he basically told us, ‘Hey guys, I’m going to pull out of this thing.’”

Almost immediately after the news broke yesterday word was the UFC was going to shuffle the bout to UFC 108, but now Kevin Iole is passing along information that suggests that might not happen either.

I saw the video and I will concede he did not look sick. Having said that, I’m not his doctor, nor do I have access to his medical records. His management insists he’s been very sick and his training partners have concurred. I asked Dana White and he said he hadn’t seen the video. He said Lesnar called him Monday, which is the first he found out about the illness, and said he couldn’t make it. White further said Lesnar told him he is not sure if he could fight in January. I asked if Lesnar sounded ill when they spoke and he said no. White said he had breakfast with Lesnar in Las Vegas about a month ago and said Lesnar told him at that time he wanted to fight frequently. Something doesn’t add up here and this bears further watching.

The UFC just can’t catch a break with UFC 108, can they? Anderson Silva may or may not be healed up in time. Machida-Shogun 2 was looking like a possibility for a brief moment before the medical suspensions were handed out, and now Brock might not have enough time to get ready. I don’t know which of these title fights we’ll see on January 2, but the UFC definitely needs one of them to fall their way.

Update: It looks like Brock might come through for UFC 108 after all. Shane Carwin tweeted earlier this evening that he’s received a bout agreement for Jan. 2. Hopefully this means the UFC already got the go ahead from Brock and he intends to sign his as well.