Josh Koscheck Announces UFC 106 Fight

Josh Koscheck says he’s co-headlining UFC 106 against…well, actually he left that part out, but we can guess, right?

The big three in the welterweight division — GSP, Fitch, Alves — are out of the question which really doesn’t leave any co-main event worthy fights, but with the hand they’ve been dealt, we can cut the UFC a little slack, can’t we?

The obvious choice would be Matt Hughes, but he hasn’t shown much interest in fighting Koscheck and who even knows what kind of shape he’s in at the moment. This may be me talking out of my ass, but I’m thinking Anthony Johnson. Yes, he just fought, but he didn’t take an ounce of damage against Yoshida or even break a sweat. Plus, he kinda owes the UFC one with his whole weight fiasco. Oh, and here he is conveniently ready to get back in the Octagon ASAP against tougher competition.

I promise you, if the UFC calls me again ASAP, I’ll be ready. Like I told my coaches and my squad, I said, ‘yo, Monday I’m still sticking to my diet. I’m not trying to even take that chance again…I spoke to Dana, I told him I was sorry. I told Joe Silva I was sorry. Just talking to the fans after the fight saying I was sorry, to me it felt like it was a lot of pressure off my shoulders. I’ll say it again, I’m sorry right now. I still feel bad that I didn’t make weight because fans want to see fighters go by the rules, and I’m the type of guy who wants to go by the rules. I don’t want to have an upper-hand…Before this fight, I even had it in my head that the UFC’s going to bump me up to someone who’s even tougher and I’m expecting it.

Sounds like a perfect match for this last-minute booking to me.

Update: Nice, I wasn’t talking out of my ass for a change. The UFC was thinking Anthony Johnson too.

Josh Koscheck and Anthony Johnson have verbally agreed to fight each other at UFC 106 on Nov. 21 in Las Vegas, has learned from a source close to the bout.