Shane Carwin

Everyone from the UPS driver to my boss has asked me how I feel about Brock pulling out of the fight on November the 21st. My initial reaction was disappointment. My heart honestly sank as I thought about my family and friends making the trip, and all the training, preparation and excitement I had for this fight…Last week was the first week that I actually started feeling better from a strain of the swine flu. I had lost over 15 pounds (something I could not afford to loose) and had just pulled some muscles in my leg during training. As 104 approached my manager said, “we should be thankful we are not fighting, from your re-broken nose to the leg, this wasn’t our time”. As I prepared to go to 104, I began slowly realizing what was ahead of me; I needed to be home training and rehabbing, not traveling and missing days of necessary time with my Team. I was due to be fighting for the UFC Heavyweight title…Fighting for the UFC belt is my path and honestly Brock coming down with his illness only gives me more time to be in that much better shape. It is a blessing if you want to know the truth. I would have never pulled out of the fight. I would wheel myself to the cage if it was my choice. I know this is my destiny and I don’t need everything to be perfect I just need my opportunity to show the world what I can do and who I am.

—Shane Carwin reacting to the news that Brock Lesnar withdrew from their title fight at UFC 106

Since Shane wrote this, he tweeted that bout agreements were out for UFC 108, so unless Brock decides not to sign it for whatever reason, Shane and Brock will headline the Jan. 2 event.

It definitely sucks for those who had UFC 106 tickets expecting to see the heavyweight title fight, but Shane was right about it being a blessing. No one wants to see these two trains collide at anything less than full throttle.