Denis Kang

“This will really show the world that I am in the UFC. I was really disappointed with my UFC debut against Alan Belcher in Dublin in January. I feel I was controlling the fight but made a stupid mistake and ended up losing a fight I was winning. It happens, but I’ve worked hard since then not to make the same mistake again…I think he’s a very tough fight for me, for sure. He’s not great at any one thing in terms of offense, and I don’t think he’s very strong, but he’s great at winning and he’s got great cardio; his stamina never runs out. I pride myself on my cardio but I look at him as someone who will be able to keep the pace with me…I’ve noticed a couple of times with him, he’s fresher in the last round than his opponents and it will probably be the first time he won’t have that advantage going into the last round. I am a better athlete than he is, but I expect him to keep pace with me if it goes three rounds. If it were a five round fight I’d expect to wear him down and have more in the championship rounds, but I guess not over three…But I don’t see how he beats me. I hit harder than he does, I think I am faster and have better submissions. My wrestling is better than his. He is very good at avoiding submissions, so we will have to see how it goes. I am not looking for a submission or a knockout in particular, I just want to make a statement in this fight. However I beat him, I am looking to make a major statement.”

—Denis Kang talking to Fighters Only about his UFC 105 opponent Michael Bisping

I tend to agree with just about everything Kang says in his assessment of the match-up. I think Bisping will put up a good fight, but I’m expecting Kang to take it before the final bell rings. Any predictions?