Roy Nelson

Actually, it kind of bothers me because whoever was throwing out (the questions to White), the press or whatever, was talking about, “Roy said this, Roy said that,” and they said it came from USA TODAY’s website, which I never really said, but I think they just didn’t get all their facts correct…They were saying that I said that Kimbo had a cell phone and stuff like that, and I never really said he had a cell phone. If I said anything about Kimbo having his media room or anything like that, they either took it out of context. I never said he received special treatment besides what everyone already knows, besides the treatment he’s already received…You know what? It does, but Dana is Dana. All I know is, my job is to go out there and put on some good fights; go out there and win…I care what UFC thinks, and Lorenzo and Dana and Frank. I really feel like I make sure I do my job, because those are my bosses, but at the same time, it doesn’t help when you have the whole he-said, she-said type of thing. I’m always trying to make sure I’m always a good boy, so I don’t get reamed out like Brock (Lesnar)…The thing is, whatever usually comes out of my mouth is always the truth. The only thing that’s always on my side is (that) I use the truth stick. Whatever comes out of my mouth, I’m just being honest. I’m not trying to manipulate the truth or anything like that. … When you’re born into this world, the only thing you have that no one can ever take away is your word.

—Roy Nelson telling USA Today that he’s bothered by Dana White calling him an “idiot,” “moron” and “jackass”

History has shown that Dana White’s bad side is never a place you want to be, but despite his personal animosity for Roy Nelson, Dana has said Nelson will get a shot in the UFC if he proves he’s a worthy competitor. As long as Roy keeps winning he should be good. Maybe he’ll even stick around long enough to make up with Dana, that is if he learns to keep certain things to himself.

In the interview, Roy also mentioned that Scott Junk suffered a detached retina during one of the early exchanges in last night’s TUF 10 fight against Matt Mitrione. Roy believes that and a pulled calf muscle affected Junk’s performance and possibly cost him the fight. I’d go back and take a look to see if Nelson was on to something, but honestly I couldn’t bear to watch it again. It was god awful. Didn’t Dana say the fights were going to get better?