Wanderlei Silva thinks Shogun clearly won the title last Saturday night. He’s a little fired up about it too, because he says the judges who gave the fight to Machida were the same judges who screwed him out of a win against Rich Franklin at UFC 99.

Meanwhile, Wand’s on-and-off again buddy Anderson Silva says Lyoto “undoubtedly” won with “superior” technique.

“Lyoto fought well, he was very well trained. It was a hard fight, very equilibrated. Shogun fought on his rhythm very well, he was very well prepared, he’s very experient, but Lyoto’s technique was superior and he won, undoubtedly”, Anderson said.

Mauricio Shogun’s former training partner, Anderson congratulated Rua’s performance. “I congratulate Shogun, this fight was a fight that every MMA fans liked to watch. In my opinion, Lyoto won every rounds. Shogun had a good strategy attacking the legs, but it wasn’t enough. It’s not the trainers that must decide but the judges… Lyoto won well, now is to be back to the trains as soon as possible”, finished Anderson.