Ed Soares & Lyoto MachidaEd Soares has the details on Lyoto Machida’s surgery. It turns out his hand has been bothering him for quite awhile. The surgery was performed yesterday and was deemed a “success.”

“Lyoto’s hand has been actually injured for a while. Before the fight with ‘Shogun,’ he went to the doctor, and he went to a special surgeon in Brazil. Basically, they say said that he was going to need surgery, but he didn’t want to cancel the fight…He just roughed it through this training camp. The hand has been bothering him for quite a while now. It was one of those situations. He just roughed through it…We’re not trying to make any excuses or anything. We didn’t come out and say anything. We said Lyoto was 100 percent, which he was…But his injury has been bothering him for a while, so we went in and had the surgery, and they found bone spurs. They found a bone fragment down there. There were about four things the doctor said were causing him pain. Thank God they cleared him all up yesterday.”

If Machida was “superior” and won four rounds, what’s there to make excuses for? Just saying…

Anyhow, Soares says it will be about eight-to-ten weeks before Lyoto can punch 100% and he believes he’ll be able to start training around mid-January. That will likely push Machida-Shogun 2 to late March at the earliest assuming he plans to get a full training camp in. Oh, and don’t worry about their camp pulling any Anderson Silva-esque shenanigans with the rematch. Lyoto wants the fight.

“We want that fight,” Machida said. “We want to leave no doubt who the light heavyweight champion is.”

Speaking of Anderson, Soares also confirmed that his elbow won’t be healed in time to face Vitor Belfort on Jan. 2 at UFC 108.

“The latest is he’s not fighting Jan. 2. That’s not going to happen. He won’t be ready…We have to wait and see. Anderson went back to Brazil, and he’s continuing his physical therapy there. But there’s no set date yet…Anderson’s recovery is going really, really well. He’s coming back, and his recovery is doing really good. His physical therapy is going really well. He’s getting better range of motion. He’ll be back 100 percent for sure.”

Soares maintains that Belfort doesn’t deserve a title shot in their opinion, but they still plan on fighting him when Anderson is ready to go.

Image via CombatLifestyle.com