Tito Ortiz & Jenna Jameson

“I’ve grown up. I’ve really, really grown up. I’ll take the high road. I’m going to be the bad boy inside the cage, but no longer outside the cage…For me to be a role model for kids that look up to MMA fighters out there like myself, I’ve really, really, really worked hard to get my name where it is today. For Mark Coleman’s manager saying the stuff he did personally about my family is very disrespectful and it just shows what type of man he is…I feel sorry about Mark Coleman having him as a manager. Hopefully he’ll get his knee healed up and hopefully they’ll still be able to stick me in that fight because there’s some really bad blood there. There’s some really monstrous things that should have never been said about my family. I would have never said anything about Mark Coleman’s family…They’re looking for attention. I’ve grown up and (want) to be a role model for a lot of kids. It’s really about me being a father. I’m going to be the bad boy inside the cage; outside the cage I’m going to stop myself and it’s time for me to just smash people. Get my world title around my waist again.”

—Tito Ortiz, via MMA Weekly, responding to the snide remarks Mark Coleman’s manager, Michael DiSabato, made about Tito’s significant other, Jenna Jameson.

I’m impressed. I didn’t know Tito had it in him. They say having children changes your whole outlook on life and how you live it. It certainly seems like it did for Tito.