Brett Rogers Training For Fedor Emelianenko

…I’m confident in myself. I’m confident in my abilities. I know what Fedor is capable of doing, but I feel he hasn’t fought anybody like me…I’m hungry. I have the desire. I’m strong. I’m bigger than him. He likes to take on big dudes, and I feel he should be like 205, if anything. He definitely has the skills to win. But today, the way I feel, I’m a part of the new generation, at least compared to him. He’s been in the game for awhile. I didn’t see any of his fights (before this year). Really, the only fight that I watched was the fight that was with him and Arlovski. But the rest of them was on Youtube, so I’ve seen all of those fights, and I’ve seen the type of fighters he fought, and like I said, he ain’t fought nobody like me. I just didn’t see it. So if he comes out there and thinks it’s going to be easy to take me down, and ground-and-pound or submit me, he’s got another thing coming…His weakness? He can get sloppy. He can get sloppy when he’s standing, because he throws too many combinations and he puts his hands down — that’s one thing that I see. He likes to flurry and he leaves himself open. And he ducks his head a lot too…Yeah, I definitely feel I’m better with the hands than him. I have the reach too; my reach is definitely going to play a part. A lot of people are saying, “Oh, he fights seven-footers.” Hey, I’m not a seven-footer. I’m not that guy…I’m that guy that wants to get in there and hurt you. If he gets a chance to do it to me, he’s going to do it, so I’m going to beat him to the punch.

—Brett Rogers talking to USA Today about his upcoming opponent Fedor Emelianenko

Rogers now says he has seen Fedor’s fights, so I’d say that’s a step in the right direction. I think he’s underestimating Fedor’s striking though. It’s unorthodox, yes, but sloppy? I definitely wouldn’t say that. His style has purpose, plus he’s deadly accurate, especially against guys much bigger and slower than he is.

Fedor and Brett are on hand today at the Bears-Browns game in Chicago to promote their big fight on CBS. They’re expected to do an interview during the CBS halftime show. Esther Lin tweeted a couple pics from Soldier Field. Check it out, Fedor’s still wearing the sweater.

Fedor Emelianenko at the Bears game