Brock Lesnar vs Shane Carwin

Looks like we can rule out UFC 109 and UFC 110 as possible cards for the Lesnar-Carwin UFC heavyweight title fight. Dave Meltzer is reporting that Lesnar will likely be out of commission until early March.

It has been confirmed that Brock Lesnar is suffering from mononucleosis.  He informed Dana White earlier today of the diagnosis that he received this week.  He was ordered not to do any training for at least one month and the Jan. 2 date is out of the question.

No date has been set for Lesnar vs. Carwin, if that is the direction the company goes.  Lesnar would probably be available to fight again in early March according to those close to him.

With Lesnar on the bench, Shane Carwin is apparently taking the opportunity to take care of a nagging knee injury.

His management told Fighters Only tonight that his knee had been “an issue” and Carwin himself says he is “going to get an MRI to see how bad my leg is. Might as well heal up and get a full check up.”

Let’s just hope Shane’s doc doesn’t find anything too seriously wrong with his knee. No one wants to see this fight pushed even further back than it already has been.