Lyoto Machida & Shogun Rua

“I believe Shogun would rather to wait for the rematch rather than fight another adversary. He will fight for the belt. I think he is going to wait for Lyoto’s recovery to square off  him…Even those who doen’t understand fighting would give Shogun the win, and those with specialist knowledge even more so. We knew his game, we knew he would work like that and the fight wouldn’t match well for him. They can fight five times and Mauricio will win all of them. It’s a bad fight for Lyoto. The antidote for Machida is to attack the legs and Rua knows how to make the move…I think the revenge will take place in four months at the most. Dana went to the restroom after the fight and said he liked Shogun presentation so much and that Mauricio was victorious in his opinion, he said he would make efforts to make the rematch happen. Shogun was very happy because the outcome was unfair. We had a feeling of injustice. For real, the controversial result only delayed what belongs to him.”

—Maurico Rua’s trainer, Andre Dida, telling Fighters Only Shogun is waiting for the rematch with Machida to take the belt they feel belongs to him

Seriously, this rematch can’t come soon enough.

Image via Sherdog