Promoting Mayhem Miller for Saturday night’s Strikeforce “Fedor vs Rogers” is too good of an opportunity to pass up. CBS hasn’t, which Mayhem doesn’t understand as he explains below, so Fanhouse and All Elbows have taken it upon themselves to feature Mayhem in a two-part behind-the-scenes “fight journal.”

CBS doesn’t really seem to be advertising or pushing anything but the Fedor/Rogers fight, though.

I know! You’re telling me, man. I don’t know if they see my value yet. I don’t know if they realize that a lot of people watch “Bully Beatdown” and that would be great for them to grab that younger audience and say, ‘Hey, you know that funny guy from “Bully Beatdown”? He’s fighting this other guy from “Bully Beatdown.”’ But they’re not doing it for whatever reason. You know, I don’t sit around in the marketing room, so they’re not listening to me. But I think they should be doing it.

Do you think the network just doesn’t see that angle somehow, or do they not care?

I’m not sure if the network is actually paying that much attention to this. I think that maybe they just said, ‘Here’s a little bit of money, and if it does well then we’ll pay attention.’ Maybe it’s one of those things. But I don’t understand the logic of only pushing the Fedor fight. Maybe they’re banking on the strength of being able to say they have the number one heavyweight in the world. I don’t know. I’m just a monkey. They throw peanuts at me and I dance.

I don’t understand why CBS hasn’t promoted Mayhem Miller either, but it’s definitely a missed opportunity.