Cagewriter has a few highlights from the Strikeforce “Fedor vs. Rogers” post-fight press conference. A rundown of news and notes below.

— For all the havoc Fedor Emelianenko wreaks inside the ring, he sure is fragile. All it took was a simple jab to bust his nose open, which Sherdog confirms was broken, and like he does about every other fight, Fedor injured his left hand. A trip to the hospital last night didn’t reveal if it was broken, however, he’s expected to see another doctor today to determine the severity of the injury. Alistair Overeem recently said he wants Fedor in April 2010, so perhaps the timing will work out perfectly. Update: MMA Weekly received word from Fedor’s American rep, Steve Bash, that Fedor did not break his nose — only sustained a deep laceration — and while they’re still not sure if his hand is broke he did dislocate his thumb.

Fedor says he was never in trouble, looked a lot worse than it was.

“It was nothing serious, these things happen in mixed martial arts. Actually I was anticipating this strike but somehow did not see it coming,” he said. “It was nothing special, and during a fight you kind of don’t notice punches. I think there were no dangerous situations during the fight.

“The first round went the way me and my coaches thought it would, so did the whole fight in fact. I didn’t have much trouble when Rogers was in my guard. I saw his punches coming. I wasn’t in trouble during the fight.”

“In the first round i was searching for weak points. I saw his footwork wasn’t that good. I was waiting to make a strike, I missed at first but the second round I hit him.”

Brett Rogers thought the stoppage was a little early (it wasn’t, at all), but he’s not going to complain about it. He believes he gave Fedor too much respect inside the cage and should have been more aggressive.

“I was kind of giving him a little more respect,” said Rogers. “He was playing the game right. He was just real loose and I didn’t come out like I normally do. I come out aggressive and next time I’ll come out strong, a lot more… I hurt myself by not performing the way I should have. I should have thrown my hands.”

“The speed on his right hand –- I think a lot of people sleep on that,” said Rogers. “I definitely knew that that was his punch and I’m just going to work real hard on defending that. I like to throw punches and I like to drop my hands and he kind of capitalized on that. I let him get too close.”

Jake Shields called out Cung Le.

“Cung won’t fight me,” he said. “That’s why he vacated the belt, obviously, and then fights a month later.”

“You’d have to ask Cung,” Shields said. “He’s the one who vacated his belt and then decided to fight a month later.”

It turns out Cung is back in the cage a lot sooner than expected because the movie he was working was pushed back a year. Maybe Shields vs. Le will happen after all.

Jake Shields says he feels more comfortable at welterweight and would like the opportunity to fight for that title as well if Strikeforce will allow it. Nothing was mentioned about the vacant 170 lbs. belt, but Coker did say Jake could fight in the welterweight division if he wanted to.

— Werdum-Silva was a very close fight, but ultimately the judges awarded Werdum the victory. A lot of people apparently think Silva should have won, but he’s not complaining about the decision. “I think both of us can be proud of the fight,” he said.

Fabricio Werdum wants a shot at Fedor, and Scott Coker thinks the fight makes a lot of sense. Of course, before any decisions can be made about Fedor’s next opponent, Strikeforce will have to consult with M-1, but it definitely sounds like Fedor-Werdum could come before Fedor-Overeem.

Mark Miller vs. DeRay Davis was canceled due to time constraints.